Bearded Dragons as Pets

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Bearded Dragons are becoming increasingly popular as pets among young adults. These interesting, medium-sized lizards have unique personalities and make for great companions.

Bearded Dragons can be trained to recognize their names, and perform tricks like crawling onto their owners’ hands.

Bearded Dragons require minimal maintenance and dietary needs, making them relatively easy to care for compared to some other types of pet animals.

Bearded Dragons can live up to 8 years with proper care, so they provide a long-term commitment to get it right. Despite the effort required in taking care of them, Bearded Dragons make wonderful lifelong pets that bond with their owners over time!

Bearded Dragon Care

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Bearded dragons are popular pets requiring good care to ensure their health and wellness. Bearded Dragon Care includes providing basic needs such as fresh food, clean water, space to move and exercise, periodic access to sunshine or UV light bulbs.

Bearded dragons thrive with a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, crickets, worms, small mice or other carefully selected protein sources. A balanced diet will help maintain the dragon's nutrition requirements for bone strength.

Bearded Dragons need a spacious terrarium with proper basking areas for warmth during the day along with photoperiods for light/dark hours closely simulating natural daylight patterns. Bearded dragons require proper humidity levels and temperatures unique to the species. Lastly, regular vet check-ups should be scheduled to keep an eye on any potential health issues that can arise over time.

If you're considering getting a Bearded Dragon as your next pet be sure you understand the necessary Bearded Dragon Care it requires!

What do Bearded Dragons Eat?

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Bearded dragons require a careful diet to stay healthy. While they mainly feed on insects when living in the wild, bearded dragons kept as pets have much more variety in their diets. They should be fed small bugs like crickets and mealworms, dark leafy greens like mustard greens and turnip greens, vegetables like bell peppers and butternut squash, and in some cases even fresh fruits like apples or strawberries.

It is important for bearded dragon owners to provide a balanced diet that is supplemented with calcium, multivitamins, and other minerals to ensure their pet stays happy and healthy.

Bearded Dragon Enclosures

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Bearded dragons make the perfect pet, and their enclosures have to be just right in order to keep them happy and healthy.

Bearded dragon tanks should be spacious, allowing plenty of room for the bearded dragon to move around as well as offering a combination of basking spots, hiding spots, and areas for exercise.

Setting up Bearded Dragon tanks is simple - they require a tank larger than 10 gallons in size with minimal decorations such as faux rocks or gravel, while live plants are not recommended due to bearded dragons’ tendency to dig.

Adequately sized bearded dragon enclosures will provide a stimulating environment that reinforces natural bearded dragon behavior with the perfect amount of sunlight exposure, temperature regulation, and mental stimulation.

Can Bearded Dragons Hurt You?

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No need to fear bearded dragons - these curious scaly reptiles are actually quite harmless. While bearded dragons can give you a warning bite if handled roughly, their teeth are too small to cause any real harm. Instead of relying on aggression as a defense mechanism, bearded dragons usually just curl up into a tight ball and play dead when threatened.

Bearded dragons have endeared themselves to many people who have welcomed them into their homes as cuddly pets that are low-maintenance and always entertaining to watch!

 What Do Bearded Dragons Do All Day?

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Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards that come with a variety of active behaviors. As part of Bearded Dragon care, they require stimulation throughout the day to keep them happy and healthy.

Bearded dragons can often be found basking in the sun or engaging in playtime activities such as running, chasing and exploring their new environment. These activities are important for exercise, mental and physical stimulation, as well as aiding with digestion.

Bearded dragons also activity sleep and rest during the day to recharge for their next big adventure! Proper Bearded Dragon Care means making sure your scaly friend is living its life to the fullest!

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