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Ospreys are majestic birds of prey, easily identified by their distinct white heads and brown backs. These powerful predators specialize in catching fish – a skill that sees them diving from the sky into a river or lake at speeds of over 100 miles per hour!

Osprey populations were previously threatened due to environmental contaminants and issues caused by human activity, but subsequent conservation efforts have led to population numbers stabilizing in most regions.

Ospreys can be seen by bird-watchers across the world, with Europe and North America being particularly rewarding for those looking to gain an insight into the lives of these impressive raptors.

Is an osprey a hawk or an eagle?

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Although its side profile gives it the look of an eagle, it actually belongs to the hawk family known as accipiters. However, due to its size in comparison to other hawks, some people refer to it as an eagle. It's not surprising then that this remarkable bird is also referred to as both "fish eagle" and "sea hawk".

Why do Ospreys hover?

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Ospreys are diurnal fishers whose skillset is suited ideally to their main diet of fish. To fish, they typically hover above the water and then plunge some 15 to 30 feet below the surface. This is likely related to their keen vision, which allows them to scout out which areas of a body of water look most promising for finding the best meal. Also, this hovering gives the bird a perfect angle for launching itself down into the water in pursuit of its prey with power-packed wings and agility. From there, it uses its sharp talons and strong legs to grab hold of whatever tasty morsel lies beneath so that it can take off again with its freshly caught meal in hand.

What is a group of ospreys called?

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A group of ospreys, also known as a 'cast'. This is an amazing sight to behold. These powerful birds are well known for their skill at fishing, and they work together in teams (called a duet) to locate food sources. A cast of osprey will often travel to areas where large bodies of water provide plenty of opportunity for them to hunt.

It's not unusual for multiple casts to migrate together, bonding in the skies during their journey. With freshwater or coastal oceans usually providing them with plenty of fish, ospreys stand out among their feathered relatives as some of nature's most successful hunters.

Do ospreys mate for life?

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Ospreys have long held an intriguing place in human imaginations, and one of the most common questions about them relates to their mating habits. While it appears that ospreys generally mate for life, there are some potential exceptions that have been observed.

Research has shown female ospreys sometimes replace their partners while they are still alive, while male ospreys can be seen with multiple partners during a single season.

Despite this, their tendency towards monogamy remains strong and high rates of pair bonding between ospreys has resulted in them often being referred to as ‘sea eagles’ who mate for life.

How can you tell a male from a female osprey?

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Identifying the gender of an osprey (Pandion haliaetus) can be quite tricky, and largely depends on close examination of the bird's physical features.

Male and female ospreys, or sea hawks, appear very similar in plumage and size, though there are subtle differences between the sexes. The female is slightly larger than the male, with a slightly broader neck and head. A visible difference between sexes can be seen in bill color—the male has black on top of its bill while the female’s upper bill is grayish-blue. The female may also have a paler more brownish hue overall compared to her mate.

Lastly, ospreys are known for their unique mottled brown back feathers with white markings. In this instance, the male's feathers may appear slightly lighter than that of a female's which would register as darker brown or even black in some instances.

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