Peace, Love & Planet Earth

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Mowbi instills a feeling of freedom, love, and peace for our planet earth. Mowbi stands for making conscious decisions about how we live, connecting with nature, taking care of the environment, honoring animals and plants as part of an interconnected system, and showing respect for all forms of life.

Peace begins within our hearts and extends outwards into the world at large. Mowbi invites us to open up to the infinite possibilities of creating a brighter future through learning more about balance and sustainability — one step at a time.

Mowbi Supports Worldwide Peace

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In a world that is full of tension and violence, creating peace has never been more imperative.

Every single person has the power to make a positive impact on the state of our global society. We can start by keeping an open mind and changing our outlook on different cultures, religions, and values. Connecting with people of all kinds allows us to appreciate our differences and gives us insight into how we can support each other in the pursuit of achieve harmonious unity worldwide.

When we are able to understand each other, it is much easier to embrace respect and foster peaceful relationships between nations. Included with understanding come empathy and compassion for others, qualities that will certainly contribute to cultivating a more tranquil future.

Love everyone whether a person, animal or plant!

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Love is one of the most powerful forces in existence and has the ability to bring us closer together in a profound way. When we open our hearts to love something beautiful happens inside us that no words can describe.

It's such a simple concept, yet so incredibly complex and ever-changing. We can extend love to everyone that we meet, from our family and friends, to strangers on the street; from animals at the zoo, to house pets; plants that grow in our gardens, to forests and jungles around the world.

In every moment, let's remember that we are capable of giving and receiving immense love!

Take Care of Planet Earth

Take Care of Planet Earth Uranus T-ShirtOur planet is an incredible gift from nature, and it's up to us to take care of it!

After all, each and every one of us should be guardians of the planet so that future generations may continue to enjoy its beauty now and in the future!

We’re each given just one earth to protect; let's embrace the potential to build something better and more sustainable for ourselves, our families, and generations to come.

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