Are Pigs Good House Pets?

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Pigs can be some of the most rewarding, endearing pets to have in your house. Not only are pigs incredibly intelligent and trainable, but their enthusiasm for life can be infectious.

Pigs have surprisingly social personalities, and if trained well, can form strong bonds with their pet owners. What's more, pigs typically crave structure and routine – making them incredibly easy animals to care for.

Owning a pig as a pet has its challenges as pigs do require plenty of space, exercise and interaction. But if given the opportunity pigs will have no issue providing you with unconditional love in return!

Is it Easy to Keep Pig as Pets?

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Caring for a pet pig can be quite rewarding but also challenging. Pigs should preferably live in a large space, such as a barn or stable, because too little living space makes pigs feel stress and can lead to anxiety-related behaviors such as loud, continuous squealing and repetitively circling the same spot.

Pigs also need to have their own area defined by fencing so they feel safe and secure - pigs naturally become territorial over their 'nests', even in the home environment.

To ensure their health is kept in check, pigs require regular health checks from an experienced vet and need plenty of exercise outside. A proper diet with healthy snacks such as oatmeal, apples or sweet potatoes are recommended.

Keeping pigs as pets requires commitment and responsibility, but the reward of having these intelligent creatures around certainly makes it worth it!

Do Pigs Like to be Petted?

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Pigs have been kept as pets in some cultures for centuries.

Although pigs are not specifically bred to be house pets like cats and dogs, more people are starting to take an interest in pigs as companions.

Some pigs even enjoy being petted - much like a loyal dog or affectionate cat! However, because pigs all have their own unique personalities, it's impossible to say definitively if pigs all enjoy when humans give them attention.

Those who do keep pigs as house pets will likely discover over time what kind of interaction he or she is most comfortable with.

Do Pigs Smell as Pets?

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Pigs can make great house pets, but the question of their smell always seems to come up. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually quite clean animals and their odor is not as strong as some might think. Pigs have sweat glands throughout their bodies, creating a slightly musky odor but it can easily be managed with regular baths.

They also prefer to take care of their own grooming needs and will often be quite eager for a good bath. The amount pigs can change the scent in your home ultimately depends on how well they are taken care of, making pigs an ideal pet if properly cared for.

Do Pigs Become Attached to their Owners?

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Studies have shown that pigs can make excellent companions for humans. They are incredibly social creatures, capable of forming incredibly strong bonds with their owners.

When pigs are kept as pets in a home environment, they quickly become familiar with their human family and take to household routines quite easily. Pigs love the attention and affection offered by their owners, and they will stay close to them when allowed into the house.

While pigs may not be as popular a pet as cats or dogs, they are still valued members of many families who enjoy the unique bond between them and their pigs - proving pigs do become attached to their owners.

What Breed of Pig is Best for a Pet?

When it comes to pet pigs, not all breeds are equal. Two stand out as the best pet pigs.

Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

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When it comes to finding the best breed for a pet, the pot-bellied pig is often a top contender due to its size and temperament. Since they only reach around 100 to 200 lbs., they take up much less space than larger pigs which makes them well suited for an indoor home.

Pot-bellied pigs are also known for being gentle, friendly and social creatures who easily bond with their owners. So if you're looking for a pet pig, you may want to consider the pot-bellied breed!

KuneKune Pigs as Pets

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One of the best pigs to make a pet is the KuneKune pig. Not only are they small pigs, making them ideal for keeping in a house environment, but they also have an incredibly friendly and relaxed personality.

KuneKunes pigs also have a curious nature which means they’ll love playing with their owners and exploring new sights and sounds. They can easily be trained as well, so if you want your pet pig to learn some tricks then these pigs can do just that.

With its intelligence and gentle demeanor it’s no wonder why people find this breed of pig to be one of the best for life as a house pet.

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