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American Kestrel Black Glossy Ceramic Mug

American Kestrel Black Glossy Ceramic Mug

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What is special about the American Kestrel?

The kestrel is a small, carnivorous raptor found around the world. It is special for its remarkable ability to hover in mid-air and use its keen eyesight to spot prey from high up. Although it only weighs between 130 and 160 grams, it can catch and carry prey up to four times heavier than itself! What's more, the kestrel has unique make-up of feathers which helps it to remain buoyant in changing winds during hovering, allowing it to quickly seize any potential prey that comes into view. It is not uncommon for kestrels to join mixed flocks of swallows during migration, adding a bit more variety among their winged companions. All these features make the kestrel a truly incredible creature.


This cupboard essential is sturdy, sleek, and perfect for your morning java or afternoon tea.

• Ceramic
• 11oz mug dimensions: height - 3.85" (9.8 cm), diameter - 3.35" (8.5 cm)
• 15oz mug dimensions: height - 4.7" (12 cm), diameter 3.35" (8.5 cm)
• Glossy finish
• Microwave and dishwasher safe

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