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American Kestrel Glass Jar Soy Wax Candle

American Kestrel Glass Jar Soy Wax Candle

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Is the Kestrel a small raptor?

Kestrels are a type of bird belonging to the falcon family, characterized by their distinctively streaked brown and white feathers. This species is most known for being one of the smallest birds of prey in the world, as well as for its remarkable ability to hover in mid-air while scanning the ground below for food. Furthermore, kestrels possess acute eyesight, which allows them to spot potential prey from hundreds of feet away. They feed mainly on small mammals, lizards, insects and other invertebrates found on land. Kestrels demonstrate incredible agility in flight; they often use this ability to perform powerful dives and swoops when hunting unsuspecting creatures below. Not only are these birds magnificent predators, but they also hold a special place in human culture due to their symbolic role in many cultures throughout history.

With its sleek glass jar, this candle functions as stylish home decor. Light it up and watch how its soft glow brings the room to life!

• Soy wax
• Cotton wick
• 3.76″ × 3.13″ (95 × 79 mm) glass vessel
• Product weight: 1.2 lbs (570 g)
• Unscented, has a pleasant natural aroma
• Blank product sourced from Latvia

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