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American Kestrel Glass Jar Soy Wax Candle

American Kestrel Glass Jar Soy Wax Candle

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What is so special about the Kestrel?

Kestrels are a type of bird that has unique characteristics that set them apart from other species. They have distinct patterned wings with black and brown spots, making it easy to identify the birds in flight. Kestrels are also able to hover over an area, which is an uncommon skill among raptors. Additionally, they have very keen eyesight—capable of sighting prey from hundreds of meters away—and powerful legs that help them catch their food. Unlike most other birds, kestrels are also known for having a fondness towards people and have even been trained as hunting companions. Truly special, kestrels will continue to stand apart in the animal kingdom for many years to come.

With its sleek glass jar, this candle functions as stylish home decor. Light it up and watch how its soft glow brings the room to life!

• Soy wax
• Cotton wick
• 3.76″ × 3.13″ (95 × 79 mm) glass vessel
• Product weight: 1.2 lbs (570 g)
• Unscented, has a pleasant natural aroma
• Blank product sourced from Latvia

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