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Fairy Grunge Silhouette Hoodie Blanket

Fairy Grunge Silhouette Hoodie Blanket

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Hark and hear, lovers of fairy tales and goblincore charm! Behold the "Fairy Grunge Silhouette Hoodie Blanket", a wondrous creation blending the mystique of fairycore with the comfort of a hoody. 🍄


  • Enchanting Material: Crafted from 100% polyester micro-mink outer fabric, this Fairy Hoody offers a touch as soft as fairy wings and as durable as the ancient oaks of yore.

  • Generous Size: 🌲 Spanning a grand 80" × 55" (203 x 140 cm), it envelops you in a cocoon of warmth, reminiscent of a fairy's embrace in the moonlit glade.

  • Lining of Comfort: Choose betwixt two linings - the ultra soft microfleece, as gentle as a fairy's whisper, or the plush polyester sherpa, as cozy as a bear's den in winter.

  • Clever Design: 🌿 With elastic straps on the inside, it stays secure, akin to the hidden paths of the fairy realm.

  • Magical Print: The one-sided print captures the essence of fairy grunge, a tapestry of woodland lore and twilight mystery.

This Fairy Grunge Blanket is more than a garment; it's a portal to the enchanted forests, where the silhouettes of fairies dance in the twilight and goblincore fantasies come to life. 🍃

Suitable for nights by the hearth or adventures in the woodland realm, it's the perfect companion for those who carry the spirit of fairy tales in their hearts.

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