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Freya the Goddess Notebook - Watercolor - Hard Backed Journal

Freya the Goddess Notebook - Watercolor - Hard Backed Journal

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Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and war in Norse mythology. She is said to be one of the Vanir gods, a group of gods and goddesses who were associated with fertility, prosperity and pleasure. Freyja also has the power to shape-shift into animals such as cats, birds and falcons.

Introducing the Freya the Goddess Inspirational Composition Notebook - an ideal journal that opens up an entire world of writing freedom and insight. Whether you write about ordinary life events or record invaluable thoughts and musings, the Freya the Goddess Composition Notebook is perfect for capturing whatever is on your mind and in your heart. 

.: One size: 4.8" x 7.36" (18.7cm x 12.2cm) 
.: 128 pages (64 sheets) 
.: Full wraparound print 
.: 90 gsm paper 
.: Choose between ruled, graph or blank paper 


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