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Hermit Crab Graphic Novel Cover Spiral Journal Notebook Sketch Book

Hermit Crab Graphic Novel Cover Spiral Journal Notebook Sketch Book

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Start journaling with this spiral notebook. It comes in a variety of styles including a dot grid, lined, task and blank. Plan your day with the task manager journal or simply go traditional with the lined one. 4 different types: Journal BLANK Journal DOT GRID Journal LINED Journal TASK .: Front cover print .: 160 pages (80 sheets) .: Black back cover .: Spiral binding • There are over 800 species of hermit crabs living in tropical and temperate waters around the world. • Most types of hermit crabs have soft, asymmetrical abdomens that cannot be completely withdrawn into the hard outer shell for protection like a true crab can. In order to protect themselves, hermit crabs must find an empty seashell and adopt it as their own home. • Hermit crabs usually seek out abandoned shells of marine snails, but they also sometimes make homes out of pieces of coral, rocks, or even old glass bottles. • Hermit crabs have strong claws that they use for climbing, defense and foraging. • Hermit crabs are social creatures and often live in large groups with other hermit crabs. • These animals can live up to 30 years in captivity and about 10 years in the wild. • They are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists mainly of algae, seaweed, mollusks, small fish, decaying matter and fruits. • Hermit crabs can be kept as pets in an aquarium, but they require special care to keep them healthy. This includes maintaining a proper temperature and salinity level as well as providing access to a variety of foods.

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