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Mid-Century Modern Floral Spun Polyester Lumbar Pillow

Mid-Century Modern Floral Spun Polyester Lumbar Pillow

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Mid-Century Modern Floral Pillows are perfect for those looking to add a vintage and timeless feel to their home decor.

Their bold patterns and bright colors are sure to make any room pop! They instantly evoke the spirit of the 1950s and 1960s, providing a refreshing blast from the past. They look great, and their combination of cotton material with dense fiber filling makes them incredibly comfortable. Whether you're looking for something unique or want something with a classic look, Mid-Century Modern Floral Pillows can fit perfectly into any home's decor.

- 100% Polyester cover
- 100% Polyester removable insert
- Double sided print
- Concealed zipper
- Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 0.5"

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