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Osprey Light Cube Lamp - Perfect for the birdwatcher in your family

Osprey Light Cube Lamp - Perfect for the birdwatcher in your family

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Ospreys are majestic birds commonly found in states along the Atlantic Coast, though they can also be seen near other bodies of water across North America.

These birds boast striking markings, including a white head, dark brown stripe through the eye, and distinctive mottled chest, with females slightly larger than males. They inhabit areas ranging from coastal estuaries to wetlands, usually building their nests about 10-60 feet above ground near a large body of open water. Ospreys have an impressive wingspan of up to 6 feet, using those powerful wings to precisely maneuver to snatch up fish from the water. Protection of these bird’s habitat is essential for their livelihood.


This unique table lamp stand features a steel base that comes with a classy finish in silver or white. The shade of the lamp is available in 10 different trim colors and can accommodate all your designs in high-resolution printing.

NB! Please note that these lamps come with a power cord adaptor type that is supported only in the USA and Canada (Type A plug with 2x flat pins) - Not Suitable for EU plugs.

.: Steel lamp base with silver or white finish
.: One size: 20" × 7" (50cm x 18cm)
.: High-res printed shade with a fabric trim
.: 10 trim colors
.: Type A plug with 2 flat pins - supported in the USA and Canada
.: 100 – 127 V .:

NB! Requires 13 Watt compact fluorescent or 60 Watt regular incandescent or LED equivalent bulb (not included)

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