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Pig Party Softcover Notebook, A5

Pig Party Softcover Notebook, A5

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Help your audience take notes in style with this A5 customizable notebook. Made with 90gsm lined papers (150 pages), each notebook features a high-end, glue-bound laminated cover with a matte finish. Your art decorates both the front and back covers in stunning detail. .: One size: A5 (5.9" x 8.3") .: 150 pages (75 sheets) .: 90gsm lined paper pages .: Glue bound laminated cover with matte finish .: Front and back cover print .: NB! Small barcode on the back cover Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals and have been found to be smarter than both cats and dogs. They can be trained to respond to different commands, learn new tricks, and even play games. Pigs have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find food sources in their natural environment. They also display emotions such as joy, anger, anxiety and contentment. Pigs form close bonds with other pigs and humans alike; they enjoy snuggling up with each other or being around people they know and trust. Their diet consists mainly of plant-based foods but can also include small amounts of meat. Finally, pigs are very clean animals who will groom themselves daily just like cats do! This makes them great pets for anyone looking for a lifelong companion.

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