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Vintage Victorian Siamese Cat Tote Bag

Vintage Victorian Siamese Cat Tote Bag

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Siamese cats are beloved for their beautiful coats and striking eye color. The distinctive look of the Siamese cat results from a genetic mutation that dates back hundreds of years, originating in Thailand (formerly known as Siam).

Although they are also popular house pets, these cats were originally bred to carry out specific duties, such as killing rodents and protecting Buddhist temples. They are characterized by their silky fur coat in either seal point, blue point, cream point, or lilac point, which denotes the four main colors of the breed: seal (black), blue (a warm gray), cream (pale yellow) and lilac (light gray). Siamese cats are intelligent and independent creatures who thrive on human interaction. Because of this, they make wonderful companions for people looking for an interactive pet who loves being involved in family activities. They have extroverted personalities and often follow their owners or even “talk” to them with little meows.

With proper training, these cats can learn all sorts of tricks, from coming when called to fetching small objects.


Carry your items in style with this Vintage Victorian Siamese Cat Tote Bag!

Crafted from durable 100% polyester, this bag features boxed corners for extra strength and black inner stitching with transparent thread on the hems. The bag is equipped with black cotton handles and a non-woven laminate inside for extra protection. Whether heading to the mall or packing a picnic, this tote bag has got you covered!

- 100% Polyester
- Boxed corners
- Black inner stitching, transparent thread on hems.
- Black cotton handles
- With non-woven laminate inside

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